Friday, July 15, 2011

defunding NASA programs

The House of Representatives is about to vote on a bill that will:
   • Cancel the James Webb Space Telescope.
   • Cut 60 percent from new technology development.
   • Reduce proposed funding for commercial crew launches by almost two-thirds.
   • Cut planned flagship missions to Mars and Europa way back.

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Congress decries the supposed sad state of public education then proposes defunding major projects in the premier example to the world of U.S. scientific courage and energy: the Space Program!

        FYI: The James Webb Telescope is already built and being tested!
         If they defund it it will be a prime example of congressional waste!
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If the Republican party wants to load the Democrats' guns for them then this will do it - the Republicans are already thought of as anti-science.
I don't know who is pushing this cut but they should be ashamed of themselves.
If Democrats are involved they also should be ashamed since they wag the anti-science stick at the Republicans.

This will further outsource science to other countries in the world, and we are already on our way toward status as a third-world science and engineering country.
I don't wish ill on other countries' scientific programs, but I want the U.S. to be at the forefront, not in the rear looking at their butts.

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