Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Don continues to storm the Twitter...

7 tweets at the crack of dawn (4 Mar 17) bad we don't have something important to do!
...and Senators, not campaign advisers. This isn't the issue.
Umm... wha?
...because Ambassadors are never expected to meet with heads of state...
Oh, now it's likely this comes from Breitbart. Reliable! Don't tapp me, bro!
Are we still crackin' on Arnie? Aren't we out of that game and on to more important things?             "Mine is bigger!"
8. (3 March 17)
...because this photo from 2003 proves...something!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

An incomplete compilation of February 2017 Tweets from Mr. T, and some of his possible thoughts while tweeting.

Some thoughts of my own, some "thoughts" from him (or is it HIM? Haaalelujah!) about selected tweets just from Feb. 2017.
1. ["Everybody" - an exaggeration of the size of what he sees as the evil forces that are against him.]
2. The Obama Administration shall be blamed as often as possible for my current problems. It's not my fault, man!
3. The Left is denying the Right of their free speech rights. (Never mind that at my campaign rallies my fans stopped the exercise of free speech by those losers that are not on my side) 
4. See, Arnold isn't as good as me. Neener-Neener.
5. There aren't any real people who oppose me and my policies. All perceived opposition is plants or extremists like anarchists.
6. A judge that doesn't support me is not a real judge.
7. Oh, the horror! How can a judge think that they have the right to oppose the rightful leader of the country? Judges should not be able to keep the President from doing whatever he wants, because as Richard Nixon said: "If the President does it, it's not illegal."
8. Clearly, the judge is a closet jihadist.
9. (Feb 3 - A federal judge in Boston on Friday decided not to extend a temporary restraining order against President Trump's controversial immigration executive order.) And therefore that judge is a good lad, (or lass, I don't know) as opposed to the Jihadist.
10. The Jihadist.
11. It's gonna be his fault. When another massacre happens in Kentucky, you know.
11. DHS needs to forget the way they were doing it wrong, checking people very carefully before letting them in the country. Instead they should check them VERY CAREFULLY before letting them in. Oh, and courts bad!
12. I know everything, people waste their and my time telling me things that I already know. Did I mention I know everything? Everything I need to know? Like General stuff? War stuff? Econominomic stuff? And the news is fake. Not mine, theirs.
13.Oh, and the New York Times is fake. Their news. FAKE.
14. NYT apologized. Losers. I would never apologize, because I'm always right!
15. The courts really have to get their shit together, I need freedom. FREEEEDUUUUUMB! How many time do I have to say the words that Obama wouldn't say? Radical. Islamic. Terrorism. There.  I've made everything better just by saying it!
16. Vlad...., I mean that Putin guy, never met him andyoucan'tmakemeshowyoumytaxreturns. Oh, and Obama's done it again! In the past.
17. If only the damn dems were as gracious as me and the Republicans. They would follow our example and never ever delay our good decisions, in fact they should just go home, they lost, losers, and then we could get on with make this country Trum...I mean Great Again!
18. Again, after a week (!) I have to remind the twitterverse that the courts courts courts are bad bad bad. Jihadist courts.
19. Nordstrom = evil. Ivvanka Good. Buy from her. (Not an official, illegal endorsement (all rights reserved))
20. McCain. what a loser. He got caught and I can never forgive him for that. Because I never would have gotten caught! Not if I had gone to 'Nam (that's how we say it in our generation), if I had gone, which I didn't because 4 student deferments and my 4F ouchie heel spurs prevented me from doing what I Really Wanted To Do, which was serve my country in a time of war! (snort)
21. and...and...he's not getting things done, which makes things messy.
22. and this hero I never heard of until now died the right way.
23. LAWFARE, in the same blogpost: “[t]he Ninth Circuit is correct to leave the TRO in place” — and also says the promulgation of Trump’s executive order was accomplished with “incompetent malevolence.” Well, I won't quote them again.
24. Remember those bad courts? I'm going to use them.
25. Press time, schmess time.
26. ...and look at the tremendous number of terror attacks since! It's non-stop!
27, 28. Nobody drops their prices until I get involved. Of course, I stiff them anyway, so doesn't really matter.
29. Again, Saint Ivanka (do the Jews do saints? They should, I think I'll call Bibi and suggest it) she is a good girl and Daddy will make it better.
30. In case you weren't paying attention, I'm going to retweet exactly what I tweeted yesterday. Pay Attention, Losers!
31. My buddy Bernie, gotta love that socialist!
32. I'm thinking of reinstituting the blockade of Mark Cuban, Obama should't have lifted it!
33. I will always have the biggest crowds ever assembled, because I say so. If the President Says It, It's True. You know, realfact?
34. The realfact is I liked the leaks when they screwed Crooked Hillary, but now...
35. They're unwatchable, and I can' stop watching.
36. This-non-sense-has-to-st-op. And nobody is interested in my taxes. I mean it. And Hillary lost, have I mentioned that?
37. Can't trust the spies, man, they're...Hey! Where's my internet?
38. Obama, again, screwed up in the past. And even if he was tough on Russia, he wasn't, now.
39. Those "spies" are just "giving" classified "Info" to our "enemies" and I want some some "candy" too!
40. Legal and illegal classified giving is not good. Especially the illegal. And thefailingnewyorktimes you know.
41. The Spotlight, from the Boston Globe, for some reason is now on top of the leakers.
42. As fake as all the news that doesn't come from my mouth, or one of my minions, is, they are almost not losers when compared to the Dems who should really just all die and let us get on with this crusade against the heathen atrumpists.
43. Russia, run by my buddy-who-I-never-met Vlad, is unfairly being blamed for my win, I mean Hillary's loss, and yet I'm going to be so tough on Russia! Believe me!
44. Soo I think I just said the Dems approved Tom Price, but, um. And we'll repeal Obamacare, but don't worry, the Affordable Care Act is safe.
45. (My Number!) Ha ha, this just is too much...
46. This part: "or of the press" has to go. It's really bummin' me out.
47. See, again, Rush says it was great, so everybody else gots it wrong!

48. Mainstream=fake. And it's still Obama's fault.
49. Sweden is so messed up. It's going to get so bad there I bet their people will take to boats and emigrate to Europe, or something.
50. "There aren't any real people who oppose me and my policies. All perceived opposition is plants or extremists like anarchists." (no reason to type it all again!)
51. the FBI, what can I say? they must be the leakers since they can't find them and exec... reveal them.

From The Washington Times, Feb. 24:
52. I know more about Chicago than this loser! Lyin' Loser Eddie!

53. WHEN will they stop their attempts to overthrow me? I'm the ruler now! they lost! Get over it! Maybe I'll get the lying FBI to arrest these jokers.
54. I really need to feel the love. This Washington is full of mean people who hate me and hate America! they don't want to Make America Great Again!
55. Because I did something that somethinged the something and it went up. I mean down. And Obama.
                                  25 Feb
56. I don't think those people like me! I don't understand why not, because everyone likes me! I am the most likable man ever!
57. Do you think he'll notice I slipped a "zinger" in there? LOL! [WHAT a wanker] [Yet, not the best choice if the Dems want to get past their embarrassing loss of 2016.]
58. [Bernie, the Independant, had a guy running in the DNC chair?] 
59. Why can't they let things go, like me?